Testimonials For Sherlock Hounds

"Our school has worked with Sherlock Hounds all year and we have been very impressed with the handlers and the dogs. They are very thorough and take their time when they are working at our school. They have always gone above and beyond our requests and exceeded our expectations. Overall we are very pleased with Sherlock Hounds and hope to work with them for years to come."

Jennifer Hamilton, Platte Valley Middle School Counselor

"I read with interest the brochure describing The Sherlock Hounds. What a great idea! I know that my boys (twin 15 year olds who will soon be sophomores at Loveland High School) have often remarked that you can get just about any drug you want at Loveland High, if you know the right folks. The key benefit your program offers (as I see it) is the proactive view that will strive to deter individuals from bringing drugs, alcohol, and gun powder to school. In addition it would reinforce the fact that these items have no place in our schools. I support you in your efforts! I also recognize that a strong proactive school policy is equally important."

Shelley Richards, Parent

"We would like to thank you for making your services available to us. The outcomes from your visits have resulted in an immense decline in student expulsions due to drug related incidents and in turn a safer school environment."

Bj Stone, Director of Curriculum and Staff Development for Weld County School District RE-1

"Since hiring the services of Sherlock Hounds, we have had no suspensions related to alcohol or drugs in this school. Prior to their involvement, I had three expulsions. The message they portray is clearly on of safety. Students know when the dogs are in the building that it is because we are trying to keep them safe. I highly recommend this program as a means to help keep buildings safe."

Shelly Lantz, Former South Valley Middle School Principal

"Both the dogs and handlers are capably trained and certified. Additionally, the canines are friendly and remarkably accurate. We consider this an integral part of our prevention program and believe that it demonstratively reduces the presence of either weapons or drugs on our campus."

Leonard E. Sherman, Former Berthoud High School Principal

"As part of the drug unit, we wanted our students to have a better understanding of the enormity of the drug problem in American schools, but we also wanted the students to get a sense of how they could become a part of the solution to this generational epidemic. Sherlock Hounds provides a natural link. Because we were fortunate to have Sherlock Hounds in the halls this year, by the time we had them in class, students were already familiar with the program. The students felt very comfortable with both the dogs and their trainers. The conversation that followed allowed students to ask much more genuine, realistic questions that helped us to more than scratch the surface of drug issues at our school and in our community. The students left with a sense of security because something positive was taking place within their school to combat drug use and violence."

Pam Mannon and Lynn Gilbert, Conrad Ball Middle School Health and Science Teachers

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