Sherlock Hounds Provides Grant Funding


Grant Funding Courtesy of The Volentine Family Foundation

Nancy Popenhagen-Volentine Family Foundation Vice President











Sherlock Hounds feels extremely fortunate to receive yearly grant funding from the Volentine Family Foundation. This grant makes our program possible. Currently, every school we work with has received funding for the Sherlock Hounds program from the Foundation. Established in 1988, the Volentine Family Foundation "is dedicated to making a difference in the communities it serves through educational scholarships, substance abuse rehabilitation programs and charitable organizations that foster and promote youth activities." We thank the Foundation for all their continued support.


A couple letters of appreciation to the Volentine Family Foundation:

I just wanted to say thanks to you and the Volentine Family Foundation for the generous grant to our school. I do believe the dogs on campus make a difference and help keep our students safe! This is a program that we would not have without your support.


Randy Yaussi
Highland High School



Thank you again for providing us with the grant funds for the Sherlock Hounds program. We feel that this helps keep our school safer.

Thank you,

Kevin Carbaugh
Assistant Principal
Eaton Middle School




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