About The Handlers


The Sherlock Hounds Handlers


Beth Kelly

 Beth, co-owner of Sherlock Hounds, graduated from Colorado Women’s College (now Denver University) in 1975 with a BA in Art and Education. After graduation she taught in Loveland, Colorado at Conrad Ball as a junior high and middle school art teacher. Beth is an avid animal enthusiast. She began her work with drug dogs at the inception of Sherlock Hounds in 1999. She has trained with the nationally known dog expert, Mackey Kelly of Oklahoma and has many years of training experience with Labradors and Terriers, both as drug dogs and therapy dogs. Beth continues to work and train with Sherlock Hounds, present information to high school health classes and is an education consultant for The Lang Institute for Canine Massage in Loveland, Colorado.




Kathleen Mayger

Kathleen, co-owner of Sherlock Hounds, met Beth while still a student Conrad Ball Middle School in Loveland, Colorado. Kathleen has had a lifelong passion for animals, especially horses and dogs. She trained her Sharpei/Lab cross in 4-H and competed in several 4-H obedience trials. She has over 20 years of experience competing and training dressage horses. She began training horses in college. During a job search to complement her horse training business, Kathleen was thrilled with the opportunity to work with the drug dogs. She teamed up with the black lab Sammy in 2005 and enjoyed working to keep schools safe. Sammy has since retired and is now Kathleen’s personal pet. Throughout Kathleen’s tenure she has added Matty, Sparky and Nellie to her team of drug dogs. In 2010 she became a co-owner with Beth in Sherlock Hounds.  Photo courtesy of Piper Worcester.



Dee Deyen

Dee Deyen moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to attend Colorado State University in 1967. She received a BS in Animal Science and MS in physiology. After graduation she worked for CSU for two years in the physiology department. Her next job was with the Fort Collins Police Department in support services as an Animal Control Officer from 1974 until 1979. She became a full time police officer in January 1979 and worked for the department until her retirement in June 2010. Dee was one of the original K-9 officers for the Fort Collins Police Department. During this period, she also developed the Mounted Patrol program for the Fort Collins Police Department. She has trained and shown dogs in the American Kennel Club (AKC) for many years. In addition to working dogs she enjoys skiing, scuba diving, riding and driving horses. Dee’s team of drug dogs consists of Jackie and D.J.  Photo courtesy of Piper Worcester.




Catherine Jameson

Sherlock Hounds welcomes our newest handler Catherine Jameson.  Catherine joined our team in the Fall of 2013.  We will have more information about Catherine soon.